Unknown Facts About Podiatrist

A podiatrist is a doctor specialized in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders of the feet, ankles, and other joints of the legs. In its most common application, the term refers to orthopedic doctors who specialize in treating patients with different kinds of conditions, particularly the skeletal system. The podiatrist treats such disorders as broken bones, sprains, fractures, dislocations, and ankle injuries. Feel free to see here for additional information.

There are many differences between a chiropractor and a podiatrist. Chiropractors are well-educated and trained professionals who use a variety of manual therapy methods to correct spinal misalignment and other spinal problems. Unlike chiropractors, podiatrists are qualified and trained medical professionals who perform diagnostic and supportive tests on patients with foot problems. Most chiropractors focus on the main problem and prescribe a range of treatments for the patient.

A podiatrist specializes in a particular field of medicine, whereas a chiropractor focuses on a specific illness or disease. They are well trained professionals who use their knowledge and skills to diagnose and treat conditions of the lower extremities. A podiatrist uses diagnostic procedures such as x-rays and computerized tomography (CT) scan to help in diagnosis. These tools help the doctor to isolate problems and treat them appropriately. A podiatrist uses different kinds of therapeutic procedures including ultrasound, physical therapy, electrical stimulation, and manual adjustments to help their patients to overcome the difficulties that they are experiencing in walking, running, and playing sports.