History of Chiropractic Medicine

Chiropractic treatment has a reputation for being a pseudoscience. Its the popularity indicates that patients are seeing positive outcomes from the treatment, and that scepticism about the procedure is dissipating. Alternative medical therapy has had difficulty establishing itself as a valid mode of practise since its inception, despite a steady rising employment market and a rise in patients. More details on what chiropractic medicine means can be found in the literature of chiropractic medicine. Find more information Premier Chiropractic of Tacoma

Daniel David Palmer established his practise in the state of Iowa in 1895.

  • He opened a magnetic healing office in 1886, but did not begin performing changes until 1895, when the modern version of the therapy was born. Harvey Lillard was the first to receive a chiropractic adjustment, explaining to Palmer that he had been operating in a cramped space seventeen years ago and had felt a pop in his back that had made him virtually deaf ever since. Via study, Palmer discovered a tender lump on Lillard’s back, indicating spinal misalignment and possibly the cause of his deafness. Lillard said that after he fixed the misalignment, he could hear the horse carts’ wheels from inside the office. However, Lillard’s daughter claims that the correction occurred by mistake when Palmer accidentally hit Lillard in the back with a book. Since this first instance, Palmer has continued to assist people by fixing misalignment.

After a few more events, Palmer merged the word ‘cheiros praktikos’ (which means “done by hand”) with the term chiropractic, with the aid of a patient and acquaintance Rev. Samuel Weed. Palmer used words that were eerily similar to those used in osteopathy. He compared the human body to a computer that could be manipulated to create a drug-free, natural cure. Palmer also concluded that the treatment may have a beneficial effect on a person’s blood and nerves. Palmer founded the first chiropractic school in 1896, when he added a school to his magnetic healing practise and began teaching people the technique.

Another chiropractor took a different approach to treatment.

  • Dr. Solon Langworthy limited his practise to only treating the spine and nervous system, leaving blood tests to osteopaths. He revamped schools and established a science-centered curriculum. The term “subluxation” was coined by Langworthy. This term refers to a spinal joint that does not rotate in its usual direction. In 1903, he founded the second college and promoted the therapy as valid. Langworthy mixed care with natural healing, resulting in naturopathic treatments and osteopathy. The combination was the first move toward understanding a variety of ailments and back pain caused by a misaligned spine and a malfunctioning nervous system. Langworthy essentially turned the art into a science.