Where Can I Buy Wheelchair Parts


A wheelchair can be quite useful for people who have limited mobility. It will provide them more independence both within and outside of their homes, reducing their reliance on others.
Manual and powered wheelchairs are the two most common types. The type of wheelchair chosen will be determined by the user’s physical requirements; the difference between a manual and a motorised (or power) wheelchair is in the source of propulsion. A manual wheelchair is propelled by the user’s manual efforts, whereas a motorised wheelchair is propelled by batteries.

Regardless of whether a wheelchair is manual or motorised, some of its components may need to be fixed or replaced at some point. Wheelchair parts are easy to come by; a simple Internet search will lead the buyer to dozens of websites where wheelchair parts manufacturers sell replacement wheelchair parts.
Tires, belts, batteries and battery chargers, motors, wheel bearings, foot and armrests, gear boxes, hand rims, and joystick controls are some of the wheelchair parts that need to be replaced frequently.You may find more information at Joe’s Jazzy Chairs & Scooters – Salt Lake City Jazzy Wheelchairs.
Accessories for Wheelchairs
Not only will the wheelchair parts that allow the wheelchair to function need to be repaired or replaced from time to time, but a wheelchair user may also choose to purchase one of the various wheelchair accessories available to improve convenience and comfort. These wheelchair additions can be quite beneficial in allowing disabled persons to conduct basic everyday tasks such as showering.
When ordering replacement wheelchair parts, a wheelchair user may also want to acquire wheelchair accessories such as cushions, a shower seat, a portable wheelchair ramp, a laptop mount, or a wheelchair lock. Wheelchair accessories are typically sold by the same companies that sell wheelchair parts.
Where Can I Purchase Wheelchair Parts?
Wheelchair parts and accessories are readily available online, but like any other online purchase, should only be made through a secure site. To establish if a site is safe, check for a URL that begins with “https:” or, alternatively, a Verizon security seal.

The fantastic discount prices that are frequently available when purchasing wheelchair parts and accessories online are one of the benefits of doing so. You can find some fantastic prices and get an idea of the store’s customer service procedures if you take the time to do some Internet comparison shopping. Before purchase, check the online store’s warranty on the wheelchair parts you desire so you’ll know what your alternatives are if the parts are damaged or defective in delivery.
Many online wheelchair parts stores will gladly assist you in selecting the necessary replacement parts for your wheelchair model and will gladly react to your questions. Only one e-mail away from getting the information you need to make a purchase decision!