Wildlife Removal and Environment Control – The Skunk

HABITAT – The skunk’s native habitat is open grassland near woodlands or other densely forested areas where they can easily flee for protection. Despite these places and a preference for their own company, it appears that many skunks are nevertheless unable to avoid contact with humans and their environment. The striped skunk is the most frequent of the four types of skunk found in North America, and the one most likely to appear on your property. They will undoubtedly require a place to nest, breed, and rest once they arrive. If they are unable to obtain access to a garage or shed, they will most likely dig a hole under your patio or the house itself.Find additional information at Wildlife, Inc Dallas – Wildlife Removal Dallas.

DANGERS – An adult skunk weighs about seven to eight pounds and has razor-sharp claws that it needs for digging. They won’t go out of their way to attack you, and confrontation is usually always unintended. Unfortunately, with animals and humans living in such close quarters, confrontation is unavoidable, especially for family pets. Skunks are rarely rabid, although they do contain the rabies virus and can transmit it to others. When there is no way out, they become incredibly aggressive and dangerous animals. The foul-smelling spray they spray is a minor annoyance in comparison to the injuries they can inflict. Family pets would need to be vaccinated; a dog infected with rabies would be far more dangerous than a skunk.

AVOIDANCE – The most efficient technique to keep skunks away from your property is to make it undesirable to them. To a skunk, short grass with no visible clusters of wood, garden trash, or any other type of garbage heap is an eyesore. Make sure the surrounding walls and fences are safe; below-ground fencing or cement will keep them from digging. Mice, moles, garden vegetables, and fruit are the preferred foods of skunks. They like freebies from the garbage bin as well, so make sure the lids are securely fastened.

REMOVAL – If removal is required, it is critical that a professional specialist be hired to complete the task. Being such a dangerous animal when confronted, anyone without the necessary knowledge and credentials would be foolish to attempt such a feat. Only experienced staff would know what steps to take in such a case. There’s no need to worry about skunks when a little common sense is all that’s needed.