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Therapeutic exercise is essentially any activity that improves or maintains general health and wellbeing and physical fitness. In recent years, as more people have become aware of the importance of maintaining good health, there has been a growing interest in and demand for therapeutic exercise programs. Therapeutic exercise has also become recognized as a complementary therapy to more traditional forms of therapy, such as conventional medicine and psychotherapy. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends therapeutic exercise as a primary form of physical therapy for injured or disabled athletes.Visit Hendersonville therapeutic exercise for more details.

A large majority of therapeutic exercise concentrates on flexibility and endurance activities. Aerobic exercises are those that require both muscular and cardiovascular energy to move the body at a maximum level of efficiency; they include running, cycling, swimming, and other activities that increase endurance. Aerobic endurance exercises, such as endurance dance classes and sprinting, are also considered to be part of the aerobic spectrum of physical activity. Cycling endurance exercises are classified as strength-endurance activities. These activities use high-intensity and short bursts of muscle contraction to increase cardiovascular efficiency.

There are a number of different types of therapeutic exercise. These include stretching and strengthening exercises, balance and coordination exercises, flexibility exercises, and aerobic exercises. All of these provide an opportunity for you to work and strengthen all of your muscles and joints. Stretching exercises are great for those individuals who suffer from chronic knee pain or lower back pain. These strengthening exercises help to build your endurance and improve your range of motion. Flexibility exercises improve your range of motion by increasing your range of motion, decreasing your joint stress, and increasing your flexibility.

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