Southern Custom Shutters-Buy Custom Exterior Shutters

Adding the right shutter style to your home is a fantastic change. Your home’s personality is infused, and you accumulate equity. Custom exterior shutters come in a wide range of styles. First and foremost, there are operable and non-operable external shutters. Any that aren’t functional or don’t open and close are simply decorative. Hurricane-prone areas are the only places where you’ll find operable shutters. By clicking here we get info about Southern Custom Shutters (Tacoma)

There’s no chance you or your customer couldn’t find what they’re looking for with non-operable shutters. Exterior wood shutters, exterior vinyl shutters, paintable shutters, synthetic wood shutters, and interior and exterior shutters are all available. They even make door shutters. When it comes to customising your home with shutters, the possibilities are endless. Many online shutter stores provide free delivery, which makes it much easier for homeowners and contractors alike. This ensures there will be NO WASTE OF GAS, TIME, OR MONEY if you pick them up from a retailer. Not to mention that you’ll never find anywhere near the same range as you would if you went online.
Think about it: why wouldn’t you buy anything online? Someone delivers it to your home, you have 1000x the range, and you can customise your shutters to the exact size and design that you want. Many online retailers also have the custom shutter hardware you or your contractor may need to mount them in stock. I always recommend installing them yourself because there are so many tools online that will show you how. This will save you a lot of money. I learned to work on my own car for the same reason; I can’t afford to pay anyone else much of the time.
If you’re looking for how-to videos on how to instal them yourself, YouTube is a great place to start. Yahoo Answers! is also a valuable resource.
Shutters are usually made up of six screws per shutter. Each side has one in each corner and one in the middle. I’ll tell you how I’ve always built shutters; it couldn’t be any easier than any other trade. If not, make a mark with a pencil based on each corner of your shutters, staying around 3/4in to 1in away from each edge, as having your holes too close to the edge will cause them to crack and break. You’ll need to drill out your holes once you’ve made your marks. You’ll need a drill bit that’s just the diameter of the screw’s shaft, not the threads. You don’t want to break your shutters and let water in, so be gentle when drilling. Then, with your shutter centred against your window, mark through the holes you made in your shutters onto the wall, remove your shutter, and simply drill into the house.