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The Lombardian Region has urged its inhabitants not to visit local health clubs after closing gyms and swimming pools. Many citizens in Lombardian misinterpreted the orders and decided to use the neighbouring Piemonte Region’s sports clubs instead. As a result, the mayor of Novara, one of Piemonte’s cities, had to order the closure of all of the city’s health clubs. Similarly, some people have attempted to flee Lombardi’s Red Zones of confinement in order to see their relatives. Two public school teachers from the southern town of Irina were told not to leave Codogno, but returned home as quickly as they could to Irina near Naples, where they were compelled to be quarantined with their families, resulting in the entire condominium being quarantined.Kindly visit Partida Corona Medical Center to find more information.

Whether museums should remain open during the COVID-19 crisis is still a point of contention among art lovers. Museums provide a lot of revenue while also attracting much-needed tourists from all around the world. Furthermore, international travellers must pay the much-needed tourist taxes, known as the tassel di soggier, which will be missed by the towns of Rome, Florence, and Venice (as well as many other cities) if tourism declines, as well as museum tickets, which are sometimes more expensive for non-citizens. Italians enjoy visiting museums across the country; therefore, they are aware that they will be unhappy if museums are closed for a month.

The cinemas, concert halls, and theatres have reopened, but the Italian television news has advised people to keep their distance from one another. One solution is to leave a vacant seat between every two seats, which the venue’s owners should arrange before selling tickets. According to television reports, entertainment fans have been slow to return. While many Italians are not frightened to go to the movies, sales have dropped dramatically, as indicated by empty cinemas and performance halls.