More About Highlands Asphalt Paving

Hot Mix Asphalt Paving or Asphalt Paving When it comes to new home driveways, asphalt is usually the first thing that comes to mind. It is by far one of the most cost-effective ways to pave a surface on new home building sites. Asphalt paved driveways with proper installation will last for thirty years or more. By clicking here we get info about Highlands Asphalt paving
These asphalt driveways are made up of rock chips, sand, and asphalt cement, making them both versatile and sturdy. Since many of the lighter hydrocarbon oils that make up asphalt’s DNA structure are still present, new asphalt is by far the most flexible. Crushed gravel serves as the base on which the asphalt is laid, ensuring the asphalt structure’s stability. By putting five to eight inches of gravel underneath the asphalt, you will extend the life of your asphalt driveway. You will also prevent the asphalt driveway from cracking as tourists drive to the edge of the finished surface by making your asphalt paving company place the asphalt finish at least one foot before the asphalt covers the gravel. This provides more versatility and ensures that your asphalt driveway looks as good as possible for as long as possible. After about six to nine months, it’s time to seal your asphalt driveway.
During that time, the new asphalt driveway would cure. If the asphalt paving is sealed too quickly, the hydrocarbon oils that give it flexibility become too flexible, causing more marks to appear over time. Care to apply at least two coats of high-quality seal coat to your asphalt paved driveway when it’s time to seal it. This should be done every three to five years to ensure that your asphalt paved driveway lasts as long as possible. Your asphalt paved driveway will last for several years if you are careful and follow this advice. If you take good care of it, it will add a lot of character to your house. Asphalt paving, also known as Hot Mix Asphalt, has always been and will continue to be the best choice for those looking to pave surfaces in a flexible manner.