JAN-PRO Commercial Cleaning of Southern Colorado – An Info

Commercial cleaning businesses often carry a wide range of chemicals, equipment, and cleaning methods to clean commercial establishments properly. Hot water extraction carpet cleaning, dry cleaning of vinyl flooring, and removal of pet waste are some of the common services offered by commercial cleaning businesses. Commercial cleaning also includes sensitive removal of grease, litter, and much more. Vacuum loading cleaning is also offered for some commercial properties.
Before hiring a commercial cleaning service, it’s necessary to find out in detail what the cleaning processes will be and how often these processes should be carried out. For instance, some carpets need to be vacuumed on a regular basis to avoid allergens. Many cleaning services offer steam cleaning and wet vacuuming for carpets and floors. Vacuuming thoroughly cleans the area while removing particles and dirt. Once this has been done, a professional dry cleaning process is used, which generally consists of an extraction carpet shampoo and a high-pressure washer. JAN-PRO Commercial Cleaning of Southern Colorado offers excellent info on this.
Professional commercial cleaners use various carpet shampoos and disinfectants that include those made from bleach, enzymes, biocides, and others. In addition, commercial cleaning services may use an ozone generator, steam vaporizer, or other ozone blasting technologies. Other commercial cleaning services employ what is called a “soap rinse” technology where a thick lather is applied to areas of the carpeting and then rinsed off. All of these different methods of cleaning provide excellent results that are environmentally friendly as well as providing safe and effective solutions to many different types of stains, dirt, and mold and mildew issues.