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What Exactly Is A Doula?
The word Doula was described by the ancient Greeks as “Women’s Servant.” This were the women who assisted the expecting family during labour, birth, and the immediate aftermath of the new baby’s arrival. Giving the labouring woman much-needed physical and emotional help. This was a common practise back in the day when families and friends lived in communal settings and everyone was close by to help with births. Our culture has evolved in recent years. We’ve left our families behind in search of a better life. However, by doing so, we have disassociated ourselves from the culture that had helped us. Women are now being prepared to be doulas, rather than it being a woman’s rite of passage. Doulas are professional women who have been trained in childbirth to provide mental, informational, and physical support to the labouring woman. By clicking here we get info about Columbia Crossings Doula Services – Washougal doula services
Why Are Doulas Increasingly Popular?
Here’s a brief history lesson. Before hospitals, caesareans, epidurals, pitocin, and other types of medicated births, there were loving women (Doulas) whose normal instant of soothing the mother-to-be reduced the need for what are now known as assisted births. Yes, indeed! A doula will provide the mother-to-be with the invaluable care she needs to effectively navigate childbirth. Her undivided attention, emotional encouragement, and physical assistance provided power to a woman who would otherwise find it difficult to go through the birthing process. Doula services were no longer a part of the birthing process after the birthing process was transferred to hospitals and hospital policy restricted extra support during childbirth. Instead of having a caring family member or friend to provide much-needed support, hospitals began substituting epidurals, c-sections, and pitocin for this invaluable resource. Pitocin, by the way, is a medication that helps a labouring woman force her baby out by pushing her body to cause mechanical contractions, which were spontaneously created by the touch or massage of a loving person, family member, or “doula.” This natural substance is known as oxytocin.
As childbirth became more common in hospitals. The birthing woman’s help has dwindled to the point that it’s just the woman in the hospital wrapped up in tubes and IVs with doctors checking in on her progress, effectively removing the most important aspect of natural childbirth, the loving friend or family member.
Women are reclaiming their birthing rights today. To eliminate all interventions and return to the way nature planned. Natural childbirth with the help of family and friends As a result, the Doula movement was born.