Bubolo Medical – All-Inclusive Program

Most medical weight-loss plans, riding on a recent wave in public popularity, have only been in operation for the last two years or so. Medical weight loss, in general, refers to the proactive, integrated management of healthy eating, exercise, and dietary habits conducted by a qualified physician. When first being offered to the public, it was typically reserved for patients who had difficulty maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine on their own. As more physicians became involved in medical weight loss programs throughout the United States, these programs gained popularity and the practice became almost ubiquitous in the country. Learn more about Bubolo Medical, Atlanta.

Since then, the trend has continued to grow in both popularity and size. there are many more popping up all across the world. There are even more all-inclusive programs now available for consumers, many of which are becoming increasingly popular among busy professionals and families. Many physicians offering these services now incorporate the service as part of a wider wellness approach, including nutrition and exercise.

Every patient is encouraged to participate in a personalized fat assessment. The patient’s body composition is measured using advanced, high-tech digital scales. After this preliminary information is collected (waist, height, age, sex, etc. ), the physician then determines the individual’s body composition rate by percentage. Using this information as a guide, the physician will devise an individualized medical weight loss program that will work best with the patient’s unique body composition.