Southern Stairlifts -Brief Notes

Stairlifts are motorized devices, usually powered by electricity, that enable disabled individuals to move up and down the stairs without climbing them. Wheelchair stair lifts are one category of these stairlifts. There are also other models such as inclined stairs, stair lifts, vertical platform stair lifts and stair glides. Do you want to learn more? Visit Southern Stairlifts, Closter.

A stair lift is basically a hydraulic device used for raising people, usually those with mobility disabilities, up and sometimes down the stairs without climbing them. Usually, for stairs that are not very wide, there is a long rail attached along to the bottom treads. Also, a cushion is placed under the foot of the stairlift to absorb the force with which the user steps on the rails. A handrail is added to the bottom rail to hold the wheelchair in place. The stair lift can be controlled by the user or by a switch located inside or outside the stairlift.

There are many manufacturers of stairlifts.Stair lifts come in different shapes, sizes and prices. You can buy a house stair lift at your local home improvement store or you can have it custom-made. Most stair lifts are meant to accommodate people who cannot climb up the stairs on their own. If you are looking for a residential stair lift, you should go for a straight and narrow stair lift rather than a curved or an open model.