Personal Injury Lawyer – The Importance of Communication

If you’re considering hiring a personal injury lawyer to file a lawsuit against a negligent party, there are a few items you should know before proceeding. There’s an explanation why the attorney-client privilege exists. If a client is unable to tell his counsel everything and anything he desires, the firm’s ability to serve the client in the best possible manner is jeopardised. This right is particularly important in criminal cases, but it is also crucial in civil cases. To have the best chance of winning, you must communicate openly and honestly. Here are a few topics you can discuss.Get the facts about Caress Worland Law Group, Indianapolis

Accidents and Injuries in the Past

Your medical background is one of the first things an opposing counsel can look at. It would be much more difficult to bring a successful case if you are making a lawsuit for a knee injury and you have three previous knee injuries in your history. However, if you don’t tell your personal injury lawyer about your past injuries, it will be even more complicated. It can ruin a case if anything like this is dropped like a bomb halfway through talks or, worse, in the middle of a courtroom.

Criminal Record

Please inform your personal injury attorney if you have any criminal records. Would a DUI fee when you were 22 have some bearing on a slip and fall situation when you’re 40? Most likely not. However, it is possible that it could have an effect on a car accident situation. In any case, don’t try to figure out the relevance on your own. Let your lawyer know about the allegations or convictions, and let him figure out what, if anything, they have to do with your current case. It’s always easier to tell the lawyer more than he wants to know than to keep him in the dark.

Injuries that occur after an accident

This is a critical point. If you’ve had any incidents or injuries after the case you’re currently pursuing, you can inform your personal injury lawyer. Opposing counsel will attempt to persuade you that you are appealing for medical costs that are unrelated to the incident at hand. Although this may seem to be a ridiculous assertion, you must inform your attorney of the type of opposition and arguments he would possibly face so that he can plan an appropriate defence. Don’t believe that this will go unnoticed or that you’ll be able to handle it on your own if it arises.