London Cannabis Dispensary – Information

Central London cannabis is a legal licensed medical cannabis dispensary located at the corner of Oxford Street and Madison Avenue in London, Ontario Canada. It is one of the busiest medical cannabis facilities in Canada with over fourteen thousand active patients. The location was selected for its historic importance and city links. It is one of the founding members of the Canadian Marijuana Growers Association (CMGA), which has over one thousand members nationwide. It is also a member of the Canadian Association of Licensed Nurses (CAN). Have a look at One Plant Masonville, London to get more info on this.

There are over one hundred and sixty thousand visits each year to this location alone. Patients coming to the clinic are given ID cards upon entry, which allows them to purchase medical marijuana directly from the premises. The ID card holder also signs a list of credentials proving that they are legally permitted to receive and use medical marijuana. Patients can also go into the store and buy their medicine with cash. Patients are also not allowed to smoke marijuana inside the clinic.

Patients have different types of marijuana to treat. They can buy marijuana for their oral uses or topical application. They can also get their medication in capsules, liquid or oil form. There are many different strains of marijuana that the clinic offers including but not limited to; Ganja, Chronic, White, Herb, Sedatives, Sativa, Kava, Skywalker, Blue, Desert Flower, and many more. Although marijuana is illegal under the Controlled Substances Act, it is legal in many parts of Canada where it is smoked or used for other purposes such as cooking, brewing, and medicating.