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A storage unit is a leased space given by self-storage companies to tenants. Self-storage facilities are provided by real estate and personal property freight transit companies. The storage facilities are divided into self-storage units, which are rented to tenants on a monthly basis in most cases. Individuals and companies typically use self storage facilities to store inventories, supplies, documents, and household goods.Find additional information at Storage Units Near Me.

Storage units are available in a variety of sizes for both residential and commercial tenants. The most common size is 10 feet by 5 feet with a depth of 1.5 metres. Some units are bigger than others, with the largest measuring 20 feet by 20 feet, which is about the size of two car garages. The storage units are made of corrugated metal and have no windows. The only way to get to them is through the roll-up metal trap.
For protection, these storage units have secured locks. The only one who has access to the contents is the tenant or lessee. The storage unit’s contents are not under the control of the facility operator. Often, except in cases where the lessee fails to pay the levied rents, the operator does not take care of, monitor, or have custody of the contents. The majority of these facilities also provide computer-controlled access to storage units.

For added protection, surveillance cameras have been mounted. Biometric scanners are used by several self-storage companies to ensure that only the tenants have access to the units.
Hazardous, radioactive, or perishable items are not permitted to be stored in the storage units. They are also not allowed to sleep or stay in the units. A climate-controlled system is installed in some modern facilities to avoid mould and moisture build-up. The temperature in these climate-controlled facilities usually ranges between 50 and 80 degrees Celsius.
According to records, there are approximately 58,000 self-storage facilities worldwide. The United States accounts for 52,000 of these self-storage facilities. In addition, there are roughly 1.6 billion square feet of rentable space in this country. Self-storage companies alone generate about $20 billion in sales in the United States per year.

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