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The tartness of the fresh blueberries contrasts well with the sweetness of the muffins. Paula Deen also has a fantastic recipe called “Simple Blueberry Skillet Cake” on her website. This one is in the shape of a cake baked in an iron skillet, and it looks divine!The truth is that most of the coffee shops and restaurants that said they’d take your baked goods actually turn you down when you show up with a few dozen pieces. The one or two places that do take your things don’t always do so, and they don’t pay you anything for it. In reality, if you factor in the cost of your supplies, as well as your gas expenses, you’ll find that you’re earning less than minimum wage per hour baking. Learn more about Whisk Bakery & Coffee.

You’re also getting pushback from your neighbours, who are questioning why they’re being forced to eat out so often because your company has taken over the kitchen. Your spouse politely reminds you that any proceeds from this company are quickly depleted any time you take the family out to eat. After about a month, you will be exhausted. The manager of your best client’s coffee shop then asks if you have a food preparation licence. You tell them the truth (which you don’t), and they apologise profusely, but they are unable to sell your food any longer.

Sorry for the gloomy tone. But it’s better to know now than later. You may already have enough experience to make a home bakery work now that you know what can go wrong. For example, you can contact or visit your local town hall or municipal building to learn more about the requirements for home bakeries in your town. They are relatively simple to fulfil in some areas. If this is the case in your region, set aside some funds from your start-up budget to obtain a proper business licence as well as a food preparation licence. If your kitchen fails the food inspection, see if you can “share” a nearby restaurant or bakery’s kitchen for a few hours a week to cook your goods.