Select Private Investigator in Houston TX

A private investigator, private detective or investigation agent, is an individual who can legally be hired by people, organizations or NGOs to undertake investigative duties. Private detectives most often work for lawyers in criminal and civil cases. A private investigator can help you find proof of infidelity, identity theft, harassment or hiring of illegal activities such as gambling, but they cannot help you win your case. They will not give you any specific tips for finding proof as they work on the basis of their own discoveries and from personal experience. Learn more about Private investigator in Houston TX.

Private investigators are very good at using social media (SMP) tools such as blogs, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and YouTube, to obtain evidence and build their case. Social media is a great way to find proof of an event or person. The SMP tools used by investigators can bring your case alive in the court. Some private investigators specialize in forensic accounting, corporate security, search technology, surveillance, mobile device investigations and more. Some investigators work only with law enforcement agencies, while others provide investigative services to individuals and businesses, specializing in background checks, unlisted phone searches, SSN/ID reverse look-ups, background checks, vehicle report searches, background records checks, background investigations, intellectual property searches, bankruptcies, and civil lawsuits.

In order to obtain information legally from a source other than government sources such as insurance companies, private investigators must have a valid license issued by the appropriate regulatory body. To become an investigator a background check is required. Private investigators must complete a formal training program which will cover state laws and ethics rules associated with investigation, surveillance and searches. Private investigators must obtain a current license to conduct business in any state in order to legally investigate and obtain information about another person.