Mobile phone screen replacement- Intro

One of the biggest cellular problems for users with the newer, bigger cellular smart phones are broken cell phone screens. It should be of no surprise that as these phones continue to get larger in size, the need to repair broken cell phone screens will become more in demand. The line that separates laptops and mobile devices become more and more blurred everyday as cellular smart phones become more capable of doing what laptops have been doing for years. Here is the Source.

Many consumers still have no idea that broken screens, also known as digitizers on smartphones can be replaced for a very inexpensive price as compared to buying a new phone. There’s actually two types of screen damage that can happen with most phones. There is the digitizer, which is often times referred to as ” broken glass” in reference to how it looks when broken; and there is the LCD, short for “liquid crystal display”.

The “Digitizer”, also known as the “Touch Screen” and often referred to as ” The Glass” is the outer part of the screen that usually looks like a broken window or shattered glass when damaged. The phone can actually still operate in most cases when this damage is done although cosmetically it’s not attractive, and over time the broken cell phone screen will get worse.

The “LCD” short for “Liquid Crystal Display” is what actually displays the images and is found just below the digitizer. When damaged the display in most cases will have some type of distorted display of your images. This too can have different levels of damage but again over time will get progressively worse.

Broken cell phone screens are one of the most straight forward and least expensive fixes for a cell phone considering the damage. This type of damage usually occurs from sitting on or dropping the phone in most cases. If getting your broken cell phone repaired is an option you’re considering, clicking here gives you a very good and professional option.