Specialty Liquor Store – At a Glance

A liquor store is a commercial retail store that primarily sells prepackaged liquor or “liqueur” – usually in bottles, traditionally meant to be consumed off of the store’s property. Depending on local and region, they will also be known as an off licence, liquor store / bottle shop, off licence, or any other related terms. Many countries also have designated licensed stores, which are restricted to selling particular types of alcohol. For example in Australia, there are only designated alcohol sales within the Sydney city area and surrounding areas. Do you want to learn more? Visit Specialty Liquor Store.

Licensed liquor sales differ from off-licensed sales in that they are subject to local and state liquor laws. In most jurisdictions, establishments that receive an endorsement for sales of liquor from a special tax certificate are licensed to sell and serve alcohol. However, a special tax registration number is required for establishments that specialize in selling alcohol to minors. This type of store also faces restrictions on advertising and serving alcohol to children.

Some states and counties require that liquor stores register with the department of revenue and obtain a state sales license. Licenses are granted by the department on an annual basis to individuals or businesses that have met specific requirements, such as age requirements, age of majority and financial capability to pay an annual fee. Some cities and counties also have additional licensing requirements in place. A list of these requirements can be found in the City of intoxicated or disorderly conduct or local law.