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Furthermore, prescribing a natural plant rather than prescription medications, which may cost thousands of dollars a month, would be a better option at a time when we’re trying to cut costs on health insurance and solve our health-care spending issues. Finally, the medical marijuana argument is more about special interests and politics than it is about actually helping patients and giving safer alternatives to dangerous and addictive medications. Have a look at Dispensary.

┬áThe more we learn about medicinal marijuana, the more we see how it can help with one of the country’s most serious drug problems. According to recent medical studies, medical marijuana can help reduce the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active ingredient, inhibits and prevents the creation of neural protein deposits deep within the brain.

These deposits are the primary cause of degenerative neurological disease. Another legitimate question is why use marijuana when there are so many other drugs that can help with the same problems. If you ask this question, you will fall into a trap. Why would you want patients on more powerful, perhaps lethal medications if they were unintentionally overprescribed or overdosed?

Marijuana is significantly less harmful and addictive than non-marijuana substances. Addictions to opioids such as cocaine, methamphetamine, oxytocin, and other related substances are also treated with them. Why do you think that administering such drugs is preferable to smoking marijuana? You shouldn’t, without a doubt. If marijuana helps people cope with their ailments, it should be made available to them. It has the potential to be more effective than synthesisers.

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